‘I’m being facetious with my title. In fact, I love “being in The Moment.”

Quigon’s totally into the meditation thing

Drake’s YOLO was a good song. AM I right???

I’m kind of neither here or there on the whole presence thing ..  – in fact I would go so far as to say  I’m a little skeptical. I mean I LOSE my cool and fangirl people all the time!! The total opposite of  “holding my power” or whatever else I’m supposed to be doing.

But I got to thinking about what “the moment” really means when I ran into an old acting friend the other day .  We were both in a rush, heading into different movie

We were both in a rush, heading into different movie theaters, but we stopped to catch up quickly. After what I believed to be an  appropriate amount of time , and sensing our  mutual need to hit the ol’ dusty trail,   I said ” oh  well, we’ll have to catch up again” and shockingly  she scoffed at me. This wasn’t a scoff as in “why will never hang out” and that’s what threw me off. It was as if to say,  but “darling we are artists we can only catch up now, in the time we have. In this moment. “

. And you know what? I’m really mad about it.

I mean, “the moment ” isn’t in a vacuum.  There is history that dictates your values, and you’re still you!  It’s not like ” oh I’m present now” there goes everything that makes Angela Angela. I’m now the most perfect being there ever was,  and I will give my singular time and focus like i’m in a closeup of the movie about my life.

Whoops couldn’t even write that, without being distracted by the photograph on my dresser and the awareness I hadn’t checked my phone. EEEEEEEEE

I guess what I’m saying is the moment demands a bit more of you and your heart  . Frankly  I demand a bit more respect that just being a part of YOUR moment or your decision to be non-commital about your future in the present.

And dammit girl let me go see my movie too!

Til next time