I want to talk for a moment about creativity and the #creativelife.

I mean c’mon, I’m WRITING A BLOG ABOUT MY ACTING .  But  if I can be honest for a moment,  it’s not lost on me that:

  1. The creative life has become a bit trendy and a bit of a buzz topic recently

2.  AND that  goes especially for my generation

In fact, I’ve made my peace with the fact that this whole acting thing could all just  very well  be a yuppy phase of my life, or just an expression of  being a millennial in 2016.

At the very least, I say that’s great. I mean it’s about time in  collective world history that creativity is  encouraged!  I’m lucky to live in the time I do!

That said, the trendiness of creative material out there makes me feel  it’s really being used as a formula for joie de vive- much in the same way we’ve seen exercise or versions of healthier  lifestyles in the past few years –  as opposed to actual heartfelt creative expression.

I’m just as embarrassed for myself  for owning this as you are

I guess what I’m saying, is that it creates a false impression that being able to identity  as a a _______ ( insert creative profession here) is a built in identity.

A while back I got some headshots from a photographer in town, and I was SUPER EXCITED , because I’d heard so many good things AND LOVED HIS WORK!  But right out of the gate, he made it clear he was above taking photos of me.

Haphazardly  taking photos while talking about his recent vacation or  how he wants to get a bigger studio, he would cover his sloppiness” Don’t worry about the lighting, i’ll edit it in in photoshop later” and continued to rush through my takes ( he had another person bookedright afterme of course) .  I left the studio in tears, not just because of the way I felt he’d treated me and my session, but because I  felt robbed and I didn’t believe he deserved my money-I could think of a handful of people that might have done a better job

My point is that i hired him to be a ‘photographer’, not to just fuel his #creativelife as a photographer that uses his free time and money doing _______.   These things are great. And I am happy to listen to them and even be jealous of it. But there’s a time and place.

Who knows. Maybe this comes from social media .

There is definitely something about it that makes people more competitive, #creative life is not excluded.

I mean the more you invest in something,  the more payoff you get. OF COURSE.  AND HECK YA you should be sharing it!!

But I was reminded of how tasteless it can be  when an writer and artist I absolutely love following on social media began posting her purchased pieces with  #commission.


It’s all gotta be in check. And frankly, in a lonely creative life,or one that is constantly existing for the approval of friends and family, that’s gotta come from ourselves.

But that all  said  I love what everyone’s doing. You got a play? I’ll come see it. You’re a photographer I  do want to collaborate . You’ve got a comment? I want to hear from you 🙂