Life in Act-uality

Tales of an aspiring actor/adult

“Tips on How to Act”

I recently came across a thread where a young actor was asking for tips on “how to act” and “how to be a better actor.” Lots of people were telling him to “memorize lines”  or read poetry, or maybe workout. All of which is great. But  I wanted to throw in my two cents. ( because you know.. as an ASPIRING actor MYSELF I am clearly knowledgeable enough to impart my wisdom). Naturally the.. Read More


AHHHHHHH I got into an actors showcase at the end of the month!!!!!!!! ajkljajgjakdljgagjkdgaklagdag Basically,  studios in town  often put on “showcases” where they let some of actors get up and perform in front of  casting directors and agents they invite. At the studio I train at, we have to audition  and I GOT IN!!!!! I haven’t performed on stage in a while, I’ve mostly just been concentrating on class so I’m really excited to.. Read More