Hey guys.

Yesterday was unbelievable. I am honestly so exhausted because I couldn’t sleep I was so happy, WHICH IS THE BEST FEELING EVER!

Well maybe not today, given that I have to do stuff, but I digress.

Lots to share but for now I gotta sleep.  Frankly I haven’t had time to process it all yet!

Here was the general rundown of yesterday though

11 am-   Arrive at the studio for a technical rehearsal-  a tech as we actors call them. Basically, you just make sure all the music/sound cues are working, and  unless you have a tv, radio, or cell phone in your scene,  it’s just about cue-ing when you are coming on stage and leaving.

11:25- I am out of  coffee

12:15 –  A full dress rehearsal ” in triple speed.” My scene partner and I were last in the line up

12:30- I start getting hungry

1:30-  Our instructor arrives and we run ANOTHER rehearsal so she can give us feedback!

2:40- My scene partner and I are the only people STOPPED during our scene to do exercises. The scene is just not working. I get really frustrated when someone is told to hold my ” dancing, shuffling feet” .  HOW THE HECK IS THIS SUPPOSED TO GO UP TONIGHT

2:45- We are given notes after the scene.   I get a bit defensive

3- We leave the studio and head to Granville Island to grab dinner and relax before the showcase

Approximately 3-4:30- I whine about not being a good actor and how frustrated I am that I got defensive at getting a note

4:45 – We grab coffee and arrive at the Revue Stage theatre

5:00 – We run up on stage and man oh man  I AM IN LOVE with this theatre immediately. We  find the green room which is weirdly upstairs!

5:10-545- We get dressed and do our hair and make up

5:45-  We do a short warm-up on stage … just some improv-y type of exercises .. and we each go around and say anything and we all have to repeat it ” ie this is gonna rock tonight”

6:00- We do a rehearsal on stage

7:15 – The doors to the entrance of the theatre open .. WE STILL HAVEN’T FINISHED REHEARSING

730- We finish rehearsing

7:45-845… Me and my scene partner wonder if we should ” run it one more time just in case”


9:15-930- My partner and I get on stage

9:45 – Everyone gets on stage and takes a bow-( I run around like a chicken with my head cut off because I don’t know where I’m supposed to stand

10: We get changed and meet everyone out in the lobby for some beverages!


It was fantastic, and i promise you there is ALOT more to tell about the night. I will update you soon with pictures!

Stay tuned!!