Life in Act-uality

Tales of an aspiring actor/adult

Christmas update

Sorry friends I am busy eating turkey but I thought I’d give you a quick Christmas update: I  sort of shot myself in the foot getting headshots right before Christmas  because  I feel like my down time is just looking at pictures of myself -as i search for the ones to get edited- which seems a little vain and ” actor-y,” but truthfully they are awesome and I’m really happy with them. All I.. Read More

My dilemma with getting new headshots

So after last week’s meeting with my agent I set my sights this week on getting new headshots, because, well, frankly I was STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to do so.  But instead of this being a hook line sinker decision-I found myself being really cautious. Browsing around, I found the perfect person to do it! But instead of this being a hook line sinker decision, I found myself being really cautious. Full disclosure, I didn’t.. Read More

Getting a new agent

Getting a new agent has been one of those things I had on my list for a while  but had stopped myself from doing because I wanted to train a bit more first in order to well, get a good one. The agent that approached me after the showcase was the one agent that I’ve realistically had on my mind for the first few years. I never thought in a million years that.. Read More

SO….You know that dream where you’re onstage and not wearing any underwear???


So… About that dream. You know it’s been really funny- all week I’ve teetered between being ready to pop out this story and being over it.. ready to focus on the NEXT thing to come. It’s been a “glass elevator of emotions” since the showcase-  if you will. In case you don’t get the joke-  the scene I did at showcase was about a shy girl who is afraid of the world until her.. Read More