So… About that dream.

You know it’s been really funny- all week I’ve teetered between being ready to pop out this story and being over it.. ready to focus on the NEXT thing to come.

It’s been a “glass elevator of emotions” since the showcase-  if you will.

In case you don’t get the joke-  the scene I did at showcase was about a shy girl who is afraid of the world until her friend takes her up the glass elevator …… where they dance high in the sky above everyone while they don’t wear any underwear.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post here rehearsals weren’t going well. In fact, my scene partner and I were about to go at each other’s throats the day of the showcase; we were giving each other directions and line readings just left, right and centre.

So with 30 min to go on stage, we just said  you know what- the only thing left to do is go on stage and have fun. Heck Let’s just not wear underwear it’ll be our little secret

Which is great, except well…    WE GOT  REALLY INTO IT, and it kind of became not really a secret ……. ( HOWS’S THAT FOR “BEING IN THE MOMENT!” ) .


This week Monday morning was interesting.

Truthfully though, we really went for it- and to say the least, it was actually really fun!  I mean realistically when we compared it to the other scenes that were about breakups and fights and pain etc. we were really greatful that we were able to leave the stage laughing.

And it’s been almost like a dream since.

Me and my scene partner Kristen were approached by an agent and we are now represented by her ( stay tuned for that story!)

But alas this last week has  also been hard to come down from.

Reality set in Tuesday when class didn’t go quite the way I expected which was something along the lines of “I’m now an actor SO APPRECIATE MY TALENT.” I was humbled as I was told by the teacher “I feel like you didn’t really prepare for today’s class.”



Looks like it’s  time to put on my big girl panties ( see what I did there?) and regroup.