Getting a new agent has been one of those things I had on my list for a while  but had stopped myself from doing because I wanted to train a bit more first in order to well, get a good one.

The agent that approached me after the showcase was the one agent that I’ve realistically had on my mind for the first few years. I never thought in a million years that  she would be the one to approach me( or that I  would have to do the scene I did in order to get an agent!) Needless to say I was excited when I got her card.

So after writing back and forth over the weekend, I planned to meet her at lunchtime on Wednesday to talk representation. Then, on Tuesday I learned that my scene partner met with her and signed!! We caught up over dinner  and I got all the details on what to expect when I met with her.

But after dinner we headed to class- which didn’t go quite the way I expected. And truthfully, that night I got to thinking “oh wait, what if I’m not a good actor after all?  What if she just wants to meet with me, but isn’t actually interested in signing me? What  am i setting myself up for?”

Although of course, I was still   freaking the heck out excited.

Wednesday at work I called for a cab to arrive at 1230 to take me to the coffee shop across town for 1 ( to give me plenty of time to sit and calm my nerves before she arrived).

As 1230 with no cab in sight I started to panic. I was not going to wait for something that wasn’t going to come. I work quite close to a major hub in the city so I thought I’d just walk down the street and grab one myself .  BUT there were NONE. NADA.

So I ran around the city trying to find a ride or head at least in the general direction of the cafe- panicking, determined, afraid, convinced- all the emotions.Defeated I left the agent a crazy voicemail about being late,but just as I do I  FINALLY  saw a taxi slowing in traffic! It didn’t have any lights on- to indicate it was available- but naturally I waved and tried to hop in the back seat.

The taxi driver rolled down his window and told me he had someone in the back, but that didn’t stop me!  Like the good actor I am I – half crying-  told him I would give him whatever money I could,  I just didn’t want to be late to my first meeting with an agent or else she was going to think I was a super flakey actor.  His passenger Craig was very kind and opened his door, telling me to hop in and that after he was dropped off at work I could take the taxi( which now that I think about it must have been SUPER annoying to the taxi driver).

As I texted the agent to tell her I was on my way, I noticed Craig counting a bunch of bills and change in a random plastic bag: like a lot of bills. In fact, he offered to pay for my ride ( which I kindly declined).

We dropped him off in the back alley behind main and hastings and said our goodbyes and raced across the city.

As we did, I felt a wave of panic. Here I was so close to what I wanted, but there was so much uncertainty- what kind of impression am I going to make by being late? Am I just making all this effort to just have to be disappointed?

Just then,  I got a text from the agent saying she was running late too and not to worry.

The rest is history!!

But i would like to add something- I never had to change who I was, or be dishonest or show myself to be an overly prepared/studious actor in order to get an agent. I just had to be honest, be myself, and show up- eventually.

I think this agent is really something.