Sorry friends I am busy eating turkey but I thought I’d give you a quick Christmas update:

screenshot of one of the many photos the lovely Kristine Cofsky took. If i ever make a christmas album I think this will be the cover

I  sort of shot myself in the foot getting headshots right before Christmas  because  I feel like my down time is just looking at pictures of myself -as i search for the ones to get edited- which seems a little vain and ” actor-y,” but truthfully they are awesome and I’m really happy with them. All I want for christmas? Check Truthfully though  I’ve just been avoiding the “act-or”  and or work crutch these holidays and just enjoying myself (and yes kind of avoiding my blog too SHH)!

I do have to say this is the first Christmas I’ve really identified myself as an actor at Christmas parties!  WHICH IS A TOTALLY  NUTSO EXPERIENCE THAT NEEDS TO BE DISCUSSED IN MORE DETAIL AND OR A SCREENPLAY BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE  CRAZY. I got a few sideways glances at the dinner table last night from some family friends and felt the old ” oh god maybe I’m not an actor?” feeling hit int high gear, before I quickly realized  HEH? WHY AM I  EVEN FRIENDS WITH THEM?

2016 is about to draw to a close and as I begin to reflect on the year and how many things are beginning to take shape I have to acknowledge the ways I’ve shifted too and the new form I AM taking, and starting 2017  from that place.

2017 I m coming for you!!