Life in Act-uality

Tales of an aspiring actor/adult

More to be learned

I’m not sure why but “more to be learned” was my title of choice today. And maybe thats the truth. It’s been a a weird, scary  couple of weeks friends. 1. This concussion business has kind of thrown me and the people around me for a bit of a loop. Truthfully I cant’t help but judge  almost every moodiness of mine , or any flicker of headache as symptom of a greater issue rather.. Read More

Feeling valued CTND

Well one week later and MY GOD do my words about finding my voice and feeling valued ring true. On  Monday I fell at work-  giving myself a black eye and a concussion in the process . So basically this week have just been resting and lounging about, as everyone at work takes on an extra load for me while I’m away. Now it’s been great to see my body recover, but I don’t.. Read More

Feeling valued

7 days into 2017 and already it’s been a bit of learning curve as i navigate finding a stronger voice, and being myself. This week has been all about feeling valued. I got two auditions this week ( in january? WHAT?!! CRAZY! GAH I LOVE MY NEW AGENT!!!!!!!!) for commericals, which enough said- were strange and hilarious and weird.  It was affirming to be in the expereience again, running into old actor friends.. Read More

New Years

I rang in the new year working actually. Helping cater at a new years wedding ACTUALLY, more specifically,  I spent the majority of the evening wishing I was behind the bar, as  was initially promised to me, disgruntedly waiting tables… while the owners son who was SUPPOSED to be on catering duty with me just flirted with the bartender who was my replacement. Oh man. I was reeling. To make matters worse this.. Read More