Well one week later and MY GOD do my words about finding my voice and feeling valued ring true.

On  Monday I fell at work-  giving myself a black eye and a concussion in the process . So basically this week have just been resting and lounging about, as everyone at work takes on an extra load for me while I’m away.

Now it’s been great to see my body recover, but I don’t feel 100% and honestly I’ve been prepping myself to approach going back to work finally on monday.

But life decided to throw me a curveball and I got a casting request for Monday too! As I casually read it   I could feel myself make excuses for MAYBE I JUST WOULD BE ready ” I mean it is still a couple of days away…. I can always just try right??”So I told my agent yes.

So I told my agent yes.

Which I  immediately regretted.

After Humming and haa’ing about how I was going to tell her no and to ask if we could wait another week,  I just  decided to go out and write her and then sat back to  wait for her response… and I was nervous. In track, to be

In track, to be honest   I never felt like I was injured “enough” not to run- I mean that was until I wasn’t. Plus this agent thing is so new- what if she doesn’t think I’m making enough of an effort?

To my delight she responded with:

“definitely.” It was so reaffirming to know i have someone on my side who believes in me and is willing to stick it out

This week I also learned much to my horror that my longtime chiropractor had passed away.  Over the past few years as I navigated post grad -and post track- life he had been a really great source of support,  and his friendship meant alot to me. Truthfully he was also a support in reclaiming the part of myself that was saying “I have to get healthy first.” Seems only fitting that I find myself in the same situation this week..