Life in Act-uality

Tales of an aspiring actor/adult

Hard work

  So I’ve been trying to do the “being more specific” thing i was talking about last week. and i’m not going to lie it’s been pretty hard. A ) hard to make specific “intentions”. I can make a great to do list just fine  but what’s my intention overall?? What am I intending to do when i send an email, when i browse facebook, when I’m in class? Is super hard to.. Read More

What to do, what to do (a non specific title for a specific post)

I write to you caught up in that beautiful part of sundays where I can see the horizon of a new week, but still putting to rest the old one. Aka the perfect time to write. This week in my acting class my teacher told me I was being too general, I wasn’t being specific enough… kind of a really irritating note. I mean what am I really supposed to do with that?.. Read More

#$@# caution

SO tonight I am sitting at home despite my desire to go to class- I left home early because it was snowing- only for it to STOP snowing. But I mean I was also feeling tired at work, so felt ah well I can just go home and nap. I want to be able to start treating this like I’m a high-level performer again. Like back when I was an athlete. Recently after.. Read More

Musings in Snowpocalypse

So I am sitting at my computer in snowpocalypse after a great workout, knowing i want to write But the truth is, I’m a little sad. I open my facebook and  am reminded of people who dont like me yet I’m still friends with them???? have better career or schooling choices than me are travelling more places than me are getting more auditions than me making more money than me are all seemingly in.. Read More