I write to you caught up in that beautiful part of sundays where I can see the horizon of a new week, but still putting to rest the old one. Aka the perfect time to write.

This week in my acting class my teacher told me I was being too general, I wasn’t being specific enough… kind of a really irritating note. I mean what am I really supposed to do with that? I couldn’t help but feel like it was  almost just a personal attack- after all, I knew this teacher had done this particular role herself  in her class only weeks before. A friend of mine warned me  of the perils of just listening to one coach or person too.

Which I agree with and definitely intend on being on the lookout for.. BUT here’s the thing.

She was kind of right.

I don’t always get specific on what i’m doing. I mean I can do 3 thins at once on my phone or on my email and I usually DO!

I’ve also been kind of caught up  in a “who am I” moment  this week

  • after my chiropractor urged me to do more running. I am finding myself mourning not running the past few years ( races etc) more than I was expecting to. Not that it’s my identity- but it IS something I have enjoyed. As i rediscover more and more than acting isn’t about hiding and being an actor but about putting myself in those circumstances- i realize i want to.


I could go on and on about the things I WANT to do but am not doing right not and maybe that’s all i can focus on right now. There are a million places that are non specific territory (like  how i feel about not having auditions- frustrated, wondering if i’m not doing another “secret like voodooo to make myself attractive to auditioning,  but ready and waiting??) right now maybe i just have to pursue the ones I CAN commit to.

And with that this week at my meditation studio, I found myself asking about workshops to teach meditation. No time like the present to shimmy some growth into all areas of my life