Life in Act-uality

Tales of an aspiring actor/adult

Getting specific part 2

So after reviewing some of my earlier posts i realize that I an maybe see a pattern of unspecificty even in my writing! truthfully the posts I wrote initially sounded like more of an actress than mine do now. I may not be getting auditions at the moment, but I wasn’t then either! I didn’t even have an agent! So what has changed. I have stopped caring about connecting to an actor community.. Read More

Amendment: doing BETTER work

I had a couple kick in the pants moments this week remindng me to buckle down and really focus on doing the best work i can with the work i am doing at the moment. Not in being the best person I can be at this stage of my life, but in doing good, noble work. And this is uncomfortable too. At work, in health, in play. Prioritizing what we need- time ,space,  etc… Read More