I had a couple kick in the pants moments this week remindng me to buckle down and really focus on doing the best work i can with the work i am doing at the moment. Not in being the best person I can be at this stage of my life, but in doing good, noble work.

And this is uncomfortable too. At work, in health, in play. Prioritizing what we need- time ,space,  etc. also means  not putting up with the chiropractor who treats me like a cash cow ( just wasting my time and money!), taking one 40 things at once and more importantly , removing all the negative insecure- if not lazy- thoughts that are weighing me down from doing my best work, or from following through one what needs to be done.

I’m being asked to step up to the plate more in my life and for that i’m grateful. But my oh my, it’s not easy.