It has been an extremely weird and wonderful week my friends.

Monday ih ad an audtion which seemed to go quite well. they immediately didn’t want me for the role I thought i was going to be- a nurse- so they were considering me for other roles. They looked me up and down a few times before asking ” do you run?”

” um well I ran in university”

Great. One of the patients was a runner. Here is her disease ___ improvize that you have it

so away i went pretending i had this fictious disease.And from what i could tell it went well.

I should note that at this point I already was awaiting another audition I  did on the weekend, that I thought went well too – I mean they told me ” that was really fun” that couldn’t have been for nothing right?

So needless to say i was excited and nervous, and freaking out, and why haven’t they called me back, and excited omg what does this mean-ing.

Tuesday rolled around, and still nothing. No inkling that they might want to see me.

Needless to say i was feeling very inecure.

In an lamost overwhelmingly hilarious of  the universe, I got an audition as a dominatrix that day, where I had to be a confident well, dominant woman. HA. I was so insecure sitting in that waiting room I can’t event tell you!

Alas i did get the call and I booked the job! We filmed outside of Misson at an old residential school. The day was insane

  1. I got picked up a few minutes later than i expected and the driver didn’t know how to get to the set from my house. It wasn’t his fault though, his GPS kept telling him o take a ferry that hasn’t been in existence for about 10 years!
  2. Arrived on set, could barely stomach anything i had so many butterflies!All the crew were rushing each other. I got pulled into hair and makeup, and pulled ut to go do this and that, then pulled back. It was a funny game of tug of war
  3.  Was on set faster than i anticipaed.There was no waiting around thats for sure! Met my” boyfriend’ right away and talked boundaries
  4. Went for the risk of kissing him but not slapping him in a scene ( all improvized), which made me feel equally proud of myself and sad
  5. Got a hug fro mthe director after a scene where I was supposed to be sad looking at myself in the mirror while injecting myself with fake needles ( which actually bruised my skin!!)
  6. Got to run outside in the largest field of dandelions you’ve ever seen!!
  7. Met my “husband”. We had to start with a romantic night. Good god was that not believable.
  8. Got to pretend I was tired and sleeping.  A shadow came across the camera- was it a ghost?
  9. Got to be pretend i was pregnant.Man those pregnancy bellys are funny. It was annoying those the bottom of it was like a bra and it was so difficult to attach- and it wasn’t like i was going to ask someone to do up this fake pregancy strap thats across my crotch
  10. Had lunch and met some incredible background performers. One kid that really impressed me is 19 and has already written his one script!! ( i went to the movies later and saw him on a commercial too! So rad!) Also formally met a girl who I had met at the Dominatrix audtion!
  11. Got to improvize mega scenes in the doctors offices. Lots of good stuff man these actors are giving. Got to pretned I finally had a cure, was moody and angry;  but i got shy with the ones where I was pretending to be a teen looking for answers with my mom . Letting my mom do the talking… wonder if i should have asked if that was the right choice?!
  12. A guy from one of my acting classes was my doctor in a scene where i had to throw up!
  13. They were originally going to give me pudding to throw up but im allergic to dairy. I asked them to make somethign else, and the prop guy had a fricking time coming up with it.I threw up. I should also note here that week at work I’d thrown up too. Method i guess!
  14.  Talked more with other actors like the nurse that looked liek Queen Latifah, had a bit more time to chill, while the ” miniute me” got to do her scenes. Learned more about the girl’s story, and the writer set me up with her email address so i could write her if I wanted!!
  15. Had my last sene. Was kind of shy in it- did I do a good enough job of showing how happy I was to be there?
  16. Its a wrap!!!!!!!
  17. Drove home at dusk thinking about what an amazing expereince that was


Writing it I can see that admist the magic of that day there is still work to be done, still things I didn’t go for, places within my self I can go deeper. I’ve been riding cloud nine for a couple weeks walking like I have the biggest -you-know-what, but really its time to get grounded and get back in the saddle.

I’ve signed up for a casting workshop next month and I am really hoping to put my head down for the next few weeks and just get myself prepared to do good work!