Friends i’m not going to lie i’m having a hard time figuring out exactly how i am going to be able to share the story i’m about to tell you because wll, it kind of makes me look a little pathetic.

This week in class Igot my butt HANDED to me. HANDED!

My teacher told me I was acting like a victim and what’s more that i enjoyed being a victim and everyone felling sorry for me!!¬†What’s more she said I was also acting childish and instead of stating my truth in our talk backs i quickly stopped finishing my sentences. Yikes.

Worst thing is that I don’t think she was wrong.

I struggle with sharing this story because frankly she WAS right. I did exactly that.

My ego’s a tricky thing though, and I keep wondering if i shouldn’t be doing more about it- be crying all day to release whatever is holding me back etc.

It’s a funny thing this battleground of the mind.

And it’s funny because the only thing you can do is take yourself out in the world and try a new way of proceeding. COMMIT to a new way of proceeding ( which won’t be without failure either) and trust that you’re evolving.