Life in Act-uality

Tales of an aspiring actor/adult

Why is it so scary

If I’m being honest, I think it’s really scary for me NOT attending Canada Day festivities today with my friends because choosing to be in my body and acknowledge what i need to feel good today means letting them do their thing and ONCE again being on the outisde of fun activities, a feeling i knew all too well from college. I really struggled between trying to  take care of my health and.. Read More

Round Two

Hey team So this morning I woke up feeling a little less than stellar. I have multiple plans forthe day none of which revolve aorund me lying on my couch for the morning. But yet here i am, and you know what? It actually doesn’t feel half bad. But here I was / am.. going on the brain drain train  – i don’t have enough money, I don’t have enough  this, I don’t.. Read More

Easy does it

Ok so now that i’ve found my groove with writing I’m not really feeling like stopping just yet. Fuck me, this always happens. I actually started writing just after I put the tub on.   So a few things that I have places to improve In my acting class there is a guy that i once upon a time did a scene with. And it went great!!! UNTIL that is, he abruptly left… Read More