Ok so now that i’ve found my groove with writing I’m not really feeling like stopping just yet.

Fuck me, this always happens. I actually started writing just after I put the tub on.


So a few things that I have places to improve

  1. In my acting class there is a guy that i once upon a time did a scene with. And it went great!!! UNTIL that is, he abruptly left. Bt overtime him or I are doing a scene theres weird energy between us like we are watching each other intensely- not sexually but like INVASIVELY- WHAT THAT ABOUT? It feels like trying to gather where the other person stands or something and it’s childish but i don’t stop it or talk to him after class or anything
  2. Something came up in class for me that I feel afraid to speak up an be crazy around people that aren’t crazy. And i would add something thats come up for me at work is afraid to speak up and be honest around people IN GENERAL or when I know people are listening, especially when I am speculating about something . I don’t finish my thought and put it out there
    1. I CAN GO BIGGERand be crazier and not judge it!!
  3. Doing the work and finding new ways to do it. Admittedly a couple of weeks ago I could have been better about my lines while in a workshop with a casting director. He actually didn’t care; what he cared about was that i took his notes and changed how I acted. And funny enough I had gotten made at my rehearsal partner for not helping me enough wit the lines when she was helping me with the flow
  4. Probably writing instead of eating two granola bars byeeeeeeeeeeeee

That’s where I’m at right now guys

Thanks for listening