Hey team

So this morning I woke up feeling a little less than stellar. I have multiple plans forthe day none of which revolve aorund me lying on my couch for the morning. But yet here i am, and you know what? It actually doesn’t feel half bad.

But here I was / am.. going on the brain drain train ¬†– i don’t have enough money, I don’t have enough ¬†this, I don’t have enough that, everytime i wan’t to do something ialways get sick or injured and can’t do it.. POOR ME. And no ones checking up on me. BOO HOO.

Instead of choosing to be in the positive

  • I am lucky to have lots of oppourtunities in front of me
  • I work tonight and am lucky that i get a chance to do that and make some money!
  • I am lucky to have a cmputer and a desire to write again
  • I am lucky that it’s such a nice day out
  • I am lucky to live where I am
  • I am lucky at how free I am to do what I have to do,and that if i’m sick I have the choice of resting
  • I am lucky i have free medical care
  • I am lucky i am somewhat educated in the way of public health and know what my body needs to recuperate

In short I am lucky to be Canadian

Happy Canada Day.