Hi friends

so this week in class Im working on a scene where i’m picking up a girl at a gaybar, and frankly it’s been really revealing for me in terms of my tendancies in my own dating life( ie I like to play mysterious instead of just going in there etc). But it’s fun beuse the bigger the better and I feel like I’m really allowed to just take my space ¬†and be crazy and not worry about being grounded and honest and truthful etc.

In short I can just let go and have fun.

I don’t know if i’m letting myself have enough fun lately, frankly i’ve felt a little depressed that i don’t have auditions lately and that the things I have to work on seem to conflict with my budget and schedueling. ¬†Sometimes. So I am thankful for the reminder that THIS IS ACTUALLY FUN

Truthfully I also had a moment this week where I ran into an ex loveinterest and his new girl, and it caught me off guard -One of those jolts that makes you jump out of your skin into your real life LIKE OH THIS IS LIFE , this is true life that you feel and move through.

I am excited for what’s to come despite feeling a bit unsure right now. I think my big thing is trying to stay open and dream and hope and not curl into i’m nothing, wah why me, bleh this always happens etc.

In other news, this weekend marks the first weekend of my yoga teacher training, something that’s a little out of the blue , but something i’ve wanted to do for a while. Stay tuned!