I don’t completely hate the definition of Enlightenment as man’s emergence from his self-incurred immaturity. (Immaturity being the inability to use one’s own understanding without the guidance of another).
But I mean C:MON, we’re all still HUMAN. We make mistakes and have unexpected things thrown in our faces and what -we’re just supposed to ignore the sounding board? Ignore the “ oh hey, I’ve been there too’s- call jim the plumber or joe the auto guy?” Life isn’t MASTERED.

Maybe if I’m honest I can sometimes assume it is. As an actor surely the ones that are making it have some special recipe cooked up- I mean THEY’RE DOING IT! It’s HAPPENING. They are beyond the need of teachers, or coaches, or casting people, or___. They get to just be themselves and go on set and live extravagant lifestyles – enough to send ME on a “ well what do they have that I don’t” train as I flip through their big dumb fabulous Instagram accounts.

I guess enlightenment is about living our lives with intention and purpose. Living and allowing the full expression of that part inside of us that knows what is meant to happen and isn’t swayed by outside influences ( our dogma) ; not by “if I do x,y,z “… ( generally things other people have done) I will be able to be ___ or have___ etc. or without trying to be polite or popular or what ever other restrictions we place on ourselves. Enlightenment is allowing ourselves to fully show up in our truth. And that’s no easy feat. How many people don’t know their dogma, feel without a purpose?

To me Enlightenment is a 50/50 way street of self and divine intervention: can be saught by going within, the conscious decision to abandon convention,
by prayer, circumstance and inspiration. The call has to be answered, and I think even reaffirmed constantly. Often our own guidance to ourselves can be just as damaging as advice from others. We need to be constantly shedding our habituated ways of thinking ( or at least becoming more aware of them).

I guess that’s my final conclusion on this whole enlightenment thing- it’s an awareness more than anything that this life is meant to be lived and the way it’s being done , or being TOLD to be done is wrong and must be changed. It’s about knowing the path or the steps that can be taken and charging forth rather than discounting it, from the big to the small. And more importantly, making these decisions while existing in the now; not debating whether or not to do that thing we meant to do last year or something, but living in the “ this is the next step today where I am, and naturally I will fufill it”, leading us to physical presence as well.

So with that I guess the path to enlightment is best asked by “ so what comes now?”