So today begin my day of reducing the media I consume. I don’t know if opening my laptop exactly counts but here I am. I have already occupied my time with 2 ,count em, 2 yoga classes and I don’t quite feel ready for a third. Frankly I am bored and sore as i lie here contemplating life. And  i turn on my computer to news the usain bolt has been dethroned, theres a new top dog..


am i using these things to create a story of life? or what?

Its no wonder this week i was dissapointed with just one audition request ( FOR A TV SHOW!!!) . justone? last week i had three? what is this? what else am i doing, what’s going, what did i do that i suddenly don’t have enough etc…

who am i without it.

yes this weekend is about unplugigng, un winding, and re-aligning with what i want.

im grateful for that