Well being lterall. This week has been about digging down into the wells of angela. sitting with anger, frustration, resentment, curiousity, callousness, frailty. ALL THE THINGS

It has been a challenging go

  1. i haven’t had any auditions this week
  2. i have had less time to book guests for next week ( having had monday off0
  3. we had a weird meeting at the beggining of the week
  4. i am pursuing a court case against that yoga teacher i had previously mentioned
  5. i am shooting ascript in 2 weeks and havent really heard from my writing partner
  6. they are filming a tv show at work and i hae stated i wont do it because i want to be in it, but now theres hype and i feel like maybe im missing out?  what i they get more featured than i do or something?what if they become famous before me or without me?

but so much joy has happened too

  1. i discoverd a yoga retreat series on facebook- can do crow and the yogic squat much better now
  2.  i ran into an old friend on the bus
  3. my dad got a phone call from an old frind which put him in a really good mood
  4. i got a callback for the audition i thought i did really well on!
  5. j and c are ok with me going on the audition
  6. i have had some very good meditations
  7. facebook wont open right now to allow me to do write this
  8. i have done some paintings i really enjoy
  9. I have stopped eating as much – am a bit  more satisfied with where i’m at in certian situations
  10. I may run into my friends dad at an event tomorrow. she hasn’t seen him in years
  11. that i’m not pursing this alone?

it may not be glamourous but i can hang my head on these things i enjoy.  I don’t want my fears and neuroses to get in the way of me enjoying my expereince. Won’t know until we know, but I will do my best to just breathe put my head down and take each moment as it comes!