Alright I’m going to get to rush through the meat of whati ve been done the last couple of weeks because i am eager to get into musings!!

So here goes

  1. I had a callback for a commerical audition where i played a bi polar mother. The scenes with my daughter went ok, but man oh man i couldn’t make it happen with my partner. I never asked him prior to starting the scene what his boundaries was. Lesson learned. Also didn’t really do a warmup. I was afraid to take too much time off work so i just showed up outfront and went straight into it. It was a big mistake.  Live and learn. Needless to say i didn’t get it
  2. I filmed my first short film ” engagement chicken”. It was slightly frustrating not being the full director to the project because my co director was the actor and she sometimes had other ideas that it could be better etc.. but we had such an incredible team. I really loved that the makeup artist, and DOP pitched in ideas too. It was really collloberative and it was fantastic. the team was 100% the best. we filmed on the hottest day of the year in the world’s HOTTEST apartment but good God it went well
  3. I was going to do a video with my grandparents I had this great idea i was going to make the engagement chicken for them.. but instead i got there and found out my grandpa was just in the hospital. somethings are more important than my other ideas
  4.  I filmed 2 self tapes which i was happy with.
    1. I got a dude from a studio i like to help me do a selftape. i have been in a a class with him before, and ok hes achieving aloto f success right now ( hes also dating his agent but thats for another day). ANyways he was an asshole, telling me i dont have comedic skills and all this stuff. it was everything he hass probably been told, but i never said anything . in facti accepted MORE info from us instead of sayin hey pease just take this you don’t get to make those assumptions. I was actualy really proud of what i came armed with but he just denied it compeltely. I left feeling abused, hurt and frustrated.  but happy with my product? still mad at how he felt he could say that to me, or that that kind of attitude exists
    2. I got an audition request while i was hitting the road to visit my brother , and asked if it could be switched to a self tape! And it was!! my brother helped me film it. I learned my lines really fast and i was happy with what i put on tape at the time! ( now in my reflection i wonder if i could have gone further? what else there was


COllection of Musings in diary like way:  having frustration with invasion of space while i’m writing, invasion of blanks that have are always being filled in knowing what others are doing, and an ability to react when someone is talking to me.. body, heart and mind not reacting or opening fast enough. fear i’m not living in the bush and therefore am doomed to being a computer robot