i could probably leave the title as it is but there we go

I have been doing this yoga series involving frustrations, and basically there is this quote that in order to release anything first you must feel it ully.

So i am giving this page ALL of my current frustrations. not the beef i have with specific people or anything, but all that other low key stuff that just kind of sits there

First off I’M  being  a pain in the ass feeling frustated at how i have such a strong written voice but not in act-uality voice. I mean fuck I’m also totally frustated with myself for not reaching out more often , afriad that i am being tracked or stalked online. What good is a written voice anyways. but is it a santuacry? do i need it to clue into the reality of my existence or just to put my words on paper because otherwise they wouldnt be heard and i might as well be a mute like that one week in grade 12 where i jsut didnt say hi to anyone.

I’m also equally annoyed that I am stalking and being that person online, hardly sharing anything or having anything really to share.

Iam frstrated with myself for not treating people i love with kindness in the company of people they are around.. is that really fair? Why can’t i still treat them with kindness. surely i dont have to leave everyone behind all the time


I dunno. maybe it’s late.