Hey friends

So This morning I had a firestorm of cleaning all my rooms ,p reparing for a long day of working both on stuff for the radio station i work at and the editing and re writes i have to do for my NEW short film coming up.

Re-writes are a pain in the ass for me. MY FRICKIN GOD

With the day stretched out long before I’m looking for every reason not to work hard. Oh I’ll just sit here and drink my tea and do some meditation, maybe read a little bit, clean this here, clean that there. Make some food for lunch. bleh bleh bleh.

Whats this tom followery all about exactly? Not wanting to bury my head in the actual work. Fear of failure? Fear of ACTION?

I watched an interesting play last night on the 2016 presidential election, exploring the ” Just not that woman” thing. The one thing that really hooked me  was the idea that woman are brought up to be not as ambitious as their husbands, not ambitious for fear of NOT attracting anyone. Resse Witherspoon had a quote on this this week too in Vanity Fair saying a man will love you or being ambitious!

So I really want to take a minute and dive into this fear of ambition…


Because i think it IS real, both as a woman and as a millenial. I think it’s hard to FEEL ambitious when i see  friend x is doing______ ( via facebook of course); friend y is doing a+ B=C plus has this opputunity AND that oppurtunity or heck that Taylor Swift SELLS MORE RECORDS THAN ME AND HAS HAD MORE BOYFRIENDS THAN ME IN THE LAST TWO YEARS THAN I HAVE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE.

Scratch that, perhaps  it is fear of not being enough…

Until next time