I have been at my laptop for the better part of the day today doing my rewrites  (re: reading facebook posts about irma etc)  and came across an old youtube video from an acting coach of mine encouraging people to see themselves and situations more neturally.

So taking all those frustrations and just changing the way we see them. That by not seeing them as chaneable we’ve given ourselves a closed system

When you want to be a star but nothings going right NEUTRAL

When you are trying to write but there is no space too NETURAL

When you are trying to write, but get distracted and judge yourself for not bieng a true artist NEUTRAL



But what about when I can neutralize a situation but someone else isn’t netural  and wants me to be a certian way and won’t let me be do what I need to do…  be a pushover?

The neutrality in me is saying HELL NO