Life in Act-uality

Tales of an aspiring actor/adult


Hey friends What happened this week? This is the question my acting teacher asks every week. AND I NEVER say anything. Maybe it’s because it’s usually ” oh i booked something” and my story would be ” i MAY-BE went on an audition this week , but kinda not really.” But i think its actually fear. Fear that the things that ARE going on aren’t worth me talking about, or just show that.. Read More

The tide is high

Yes my friends it is miserable dreary season here in Vancouver and the rivers are high as can be. But what exactly is happening here? Seems like the seasons come and go but how much change do we allow ourselves? This is my connudrum this week as I am repeatedly confronted with situations requiring me to be a more grown up version of myself, or accept the changing currents of who I could.. Read More

Sick over Thanksgiving

Hey friends So this week has been pretty heavy on the – things to do, people to see- front. After work I’ve been meeting up with my scene partner or meeting up with yvette to talk about the upcoming short we’re producing, plus of course the two classes i’m doing. It was freaking me out  that this weekend my parents wanted to go visit my grandparents the two days I had to do.. Read More

lights camera No action

Gonna be quick on this one So this weekend i was going to tape a side project of mine, that i have kind of had on the back burner while I lament not having any auditions, and think about how much i hate creepy yoga guy. SO needless to say i didn’t do and the universe has been telling me ” hey you better wake up and get to it” all weekend. SO.. Read More

boo -ya

So today while avoiding memorizing my scene I came across news that my  old neighbour just had a baby! AHH so exciting. But ok, so  if I’m being honeset, I am so jealous of her older sister and her family I can’t stand it and I got sucked down this hate spiral of seeing her one post on my friends wall, in like  a 12 min facebook journey of: Wow look how photogenic.. Read More

Allowing for the room to GROW

So last week I wrote the following neurotic post which ” I was back in class today. ( editors note: a new class) Argh. I got stopped and started a million times.  I was breathing funny and embarassing myself, and it may have ben a self fufilling prophesy ( “oh wait til that guy in class sees that I’m a fraud and my ego is based in nothing grounded in acting “, or.. Read More