Hey friends

What happened this week?

This is the question my acting teacher asks every week. AND I NEVER say anything. Maybe it’s because it’s usually ” oh i booked something”

and my story would be ” i MAY-BE went on an audition this week , but kinda not really.”

But i think its actually fear. Fear that the things that ARE going on aren’t worth me talking about, or just show that i am a student .. and because of that are just embarrassing.

  1. I performed with my improv group this week for the first time
  2. we got a new teacher who is committed to making us work hard
  3. I got an audition for a commercial but realized i had to eat the product and I’m allergic
  4. got a call from a girl in an old class I’m in saying she’s leaving the class and because of that would i help her write a letter to the administration

Or is it just plain this is NONE of your fucking business? Period.

Certainly i have had my share of teachers doing their fair share of prying into my life… perhaps this is my way of keeping whats mine mine. But i feel so great sharing standing up SHOWING UP.

And perhaps I need to allow myself to this