Yes my friends it is miserable dreary season here in Vancouver and the rivers are high as can be. But what exactly is happening here? Seems like the seasons come and go but how much change do we allow ourselves?
This is my connudrum this week as I am repeatedly confronted with situations requiring me to be a more grown up version of myself, or accept the changing currents of who I could be!
And im not entirely crushing it-
1) I insist of demanding pefection from myself
2) I wish I HAD DONE more!
3) Refusing to jump in
4) jumping in and floundering?

In short. I dont have it figured out. My dating life, my improv skills, my audition skills , hell i can barely dedicate time to doing my hair in the morning!

It is fantastic, being challenged.
I just wish it started feeling like the new normal right away and that all my blunders werent in the sight of people I respect and admire. There goes that perfectionism thing again!

Til next time