I suppose it’s premature to call it a strange end to the year but this week ( dec 21 to be exact) i had the most horrible audition.

Logistically it was my last day of work before christmas holidays and the audition was RIGHT in the middle of the show, right at our MOST prized guest of the week. My hosts where both dolls of course ( trying to be extra nice to me because I might be let go in the coming months… a story for another time) and told me to go.  So away I went on memorizing the lines.  I was running into murky waters with them for sure but alas didn’t reach out to any friends to ask  them if they could help or something.. Mistake #1

When I got to the audition, the sides had been changed. OR SO I THOUGHT! apparently everyone had gotten an updated version except me? I just had the old ones my agent sent me.. guess I need to check myself? MISTAKE #2

Was Paired with a girl who kept telling me I needed to be more for her or something as a scene partner. We both had the weird choices of being girl #1 and girl #2 . Outside the room I practiced as girl #1 ,and kind of justified my choice to her. MISTAKE #3.. girl later used my notes as girl #1


Got in the room, stood behind the table. MISTAKE #4

Could have done LITERALLY ANYTHING AT THE TABLE. I just stood there MISTAKE #5

There was a script there, and my eyes were reading it as I was in the scene  MISTAKE #6

Letting the girl take the lead MISTAKE #7

I guess all you can do is accept that sometimes mistakes are just going to happen, and you live and learn.