I’ve had a few too many interesting experiences today to not come to the page.Nothing is not synchronicious in this world. Today i happened to run into an old friend. Old friend is running a marathon. She looks fantastic and happy and there’s no reason for me to be jealous.

I find myself very close to choosing thoughts  like

” oh and here i am buying a big bag of candy -way to go fatass’

or ” shes running, of course she looks great. i’m not, she must think i’m such a loser. ”

‘all i do is talk about how sore and injured i am ”


So I am actively trying to choose positive thoughts with this enounter – like ” i support my friends interests and they support mine”, ” I am on the right path, I am on my journey” , ” I am following my heart as she is following hers

which really ust comes down to TRUST.

Which i haven’t been so good at lately. I submitted a self tape this morning that i worked on with a coach ( she was happy with it) and i’m like ” was it good” ” why hasn’t my agent said anything” “what went wrong” instead of – i got it done, what a cool fucking audition, the coach was happy with my work, i was mostly happy with my work,


can i dream  a little bit bigger? what if they see it and like it? what will happen now? will i get brought in for other stuff etc etc.???

TRUSTING AND DREAMING that’s what i’m working on.