Hi  I’m Angela Shaw and I’m a 27 year old  aspiring adult / actor figuring it all out as I go along- and that goes for acting and for life. I’m a little new to the whole “aspiring actor” thing  but I have to say being a  creative twenty something in vancouver  is a really strange group to belong to.  When you put it context with the social issues  that plague many Vancouverites ( lack of affordable housing, poverty, homelessness) ,  you can really begin to  feel like being ___________ ( insert creative job here) in Vancouver is really just a self indulgent/ delusional millennial stereotype. But then again, on the other hand, pretty well every third person I meet is a graphic designer, artist or writer ( READ IM NOT ALONE).Which frankly makes me feel  it’s the best place on earth to be an actress

I’m here to talk ALL about that.

Be prepared to hear everything aspiring actress from the source- the odd jobs I pick up to make it all work, what I really think of the terminology we actors use, what acting classes and auditions are really like.






OH. ONE LAST THING.  I’d love to hear from you! Send me a message at angela@lifeinact-uality.com