Life in Act-uality

Tales of an aspiring actor/adult

Seeing things more neutrally

I have been at my laptop for the better part of the day today doing my rewrites  (re: reading facebook posts about irma etc)  and came across an old youtube video from an acting coach of mine encouraging people to see themselves and situations more neturally. So taking all those frustrations and just changing the way we see them. That by not seeing them as chaneable we’ve given ourselves a closed system When.. Read More


Hey friends So This morning I had a firestorm of cleaning all my rooms ,p reparing for a long day of working both on stuff for the radio station i work at and the editing and re writes i have to do for my NEW short film coming up. Re-writes are a pain in the ass for me. MY FRICKIN GOD With the day stretched out long before I’m looking for every reason.. Read More

Frustrations and neurosis

i could probably leave the title as it is but there we go I have been doing this yoga series involving frustrations, and basically there is this quote that in order to release anything first you must feel it ully. So i am giving this page ALL of my current frustrations. not the beef i have with specific people or anything, but all that other low key stuff that just kind of sits.. Read More


Alright I’m going to get to rush through the meat of whati ve been done the last couple of weeks because i am eager to get into musings!! So here goes I had a callback for a commerical audition where i played a bi polar mother. The scenes with my daughter went ok, but man oh man i couldn’t make it happen with my partner. I never asked him prior to starting the.. Read More

Well well well

Well being lterall. This week has been about digging down into the wells of angela. sitting with anger, frustration, resentment, curiousity, callousness, frailty. ALL THE THINGS It has been a challenging go i haven’t had any auditions this week i have had less time to book guests for next week ( having had monday off0 we had a weird meeting at the beggining of the week i am pursuing a court case against.. Read More

Sore and bored

So today begin my day of reducing the media I consume. I don’t know if opening my laptop exactly counts but here I am. I have already occupied my time with 2 ,count em, 2 yoga classes and I don’t quite feel ready for a third. Frankly I am bored and sore as i lie here contemplating life. And  i turn on my computer to news the usain bolt has been dethroned, theres.. Read More

Dreaming, hoping, staying open

I came across my words from an earlier post about wanting to stay open and dream and hope amidsts the cahoas Admittedly i feel like i’ve been failing that lately, creating drama out of the poor shitbag of a yoga teacher or collegauge, or waitress, or guy sitting on the bus with his shitty musc blasting through even though its 8 am and who the fuck listens to heavy rock at 8 am?!.. Read More

Essay on enlightenment I did for yoga class

I don’t completely hate the definition of Enlightenment as man’s emergence from his self-incurred immaturity. (Immaturity being the inability to use one’s own understanding without the guidance of another). But I mean C:MON, we’re all still HUMAN. We make mistakes and have unexpected things thrown in our faces and what -we’re just supposed to ignore the sounding board? Ignore the “ oh hey, I’ve been there too’s- call jim the plumber or joe.. Read More

Union with self

Hey guys Lots to report so here goes. SO I have been doing my yoga teacher training the last couple months!Now i should preface this by saying it was an extremely weird and shady organization and at this point im not sure i actually got my certification or not BUT I got a ton of yoga in and man alive did I ever need it. Something about the movement of yoga and stretching.. Read More

Tonight I had an incredible night teachign a friend yoga and chatting, and when I left I immeadiately ran into two actors I know, respect, and admire. I don’t know what that means, but I think I might just be on the right path? I also admire these actors because they live their own lives… perhaps I have something to learn from them