Life in Act-uality

Tales of an aspiring actor/adult

What it all means

Hi friends so this week in class Im working on a scene where i’m picking up a girl at a gaybar, and frankly it’s been really revealing for me in terms of my tendancies in my own dating life( ie I like to play mysterious instead of just going in there etc). But it’s fun beuse the bigger the better and I feel like I’m really allowed to just take my space  and.. Read More

Why is it so scary

If I’m being honest, I think it’s really scary for me NOT attending Canada Day festivities today with my friends because choosing to be in my body and acknowledge what i need to feel good today means letting them do their thing and ONCE again being on the outisde of fun activities, a feeling i knew all too well from college. I really struggled between trying to  take care of my health and.. Read More

Round Two

Hey team So this morning I woke up feeling a little less than stellar. I have multiple plans forthe day none of which revolve aorund me lying on my couch for the morning. But yet here i am, and you know what? It actually doesn’t feel half bad. But here I was / am.. going on the brain drain train  – i don’t have enough money, I don’t have enough  this, I don’t.. Read More

Easy does it

Ok so now that i’ve found my groove with writing I’m not really feeling like stopping just yet. Fuck me, this always happens. I actually started writing just after I put the tub on.   So a few things that I have places to improve In my acting class there is a guy that i once upon a time did a scene with. And it went great!!! UNTIL that is, he abruptly left… Read More

Ego ergo

Friends i’m not going to lie i’m having a hard time figuring out exactly how i am going to be able to share the story i’m about to tell you because wll, it kind of makes me look a little pathetic. This week in class Igot my butt HANDED to me. HANDED! My teacher told me I was acting like a victim and what’s more that i enjoyed being a victim and everyone.. Read More

Time Will Tell

Im reading a book by Deepak Chopra right now and in particular a chapter on emotions. In order to figure out the best course of action, it suggets we write down our conflicting thoughts, what we followed through on and what the outcome was. Outcome? how can we know the outcome until years later when we realize- shit i should have done better on those tests in school to have more opportunities, or.. Read More

The weird and the wonderful

It has been an extremely weird and wonderful week my friends. Monday ih ad an audtion which seemed to go quite well. they immediately didn’t want me for the role I thought i was going to be- a nurse- so they were considering me for other roles. They looked me up and down a few times before asking ” do you run?” ” um well I ran in university” Great. One of the.. Read More

Change is inevitable

Hey friends Life is being particularly interesting and frustrating lately. This week I auditioned for the first time in a while for a play ( which I would absolutely loveeeee to get!) .. I don’t know how clear I’ve been on this but I have hadn’t had a heck of a lot of acitivity acting wise since my concussion. Just after I auditioned I got two submission requests for auditions. The universe moves.. Read More

Getting over self doubt

Hey guys So when we last left off I was working on getting specific. Lots happened since then I will get into it. I am sitting here on really, a  non specific, lazy sunday morning., one where I’m just kind of trying to navigate what to do with my day.. ‘ There’s this article I’m sure you all have read that says if something isn’t a fuck yes than it’s a no.  .. Read More

Getting specific part 2

So after reviewing some of my earlier posts i realize that I an maybe see a pattern of unspecificty even in my writing! truthfully the posts I wrote initially sounded like more of an actress than mine do now. I may not be getting auditions at the moment, but I wasn’t then either! I didn’t even have an agent! So what has changed. I have stopped caring about connecting to an actor community.. Read More